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Medical Transcription Services India – Meeting The Needs Of Health Care Sector

Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services Medical Transcription Services, comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules and regulations. The company offers high quality services at extremely low costs, delivering optimum accuracy.”


Medical transcription has an ever growing demand, even as the trend of electronic medical record keeping; grows. Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services has extended its skill sets and constantly pursues excellence to provide accurate HIPAA compliance medical transcription for a wide range of specialties in the health care sector.

Medical Transcription Services Highlights At Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services

  • Excellence, is what they pursue, hence constantly improving the quality of services they provide highly accurate transcripts
  • Moreover, it is easy to get expert transcriptionists with good hold over English and ability to understand various accents in India
  • Since the company head office in India, its services are extremely affordable for those who want to outsource
  • The company is confident about its capabilities and expertise, hence offers a free trail to new clients

With a scalable infrastructure and expert transcriptionists, the Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services delivers impeccably transcribed reports with 98.99% accuracy. All the medical transcripts are proofread by expert editors and then checked for quality and for improved accuracy by medical professionals.

Some core medical transcription specialties at Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services include

  • Dentistry Transcription
  • Cardiology Transcription
  • Radiology Transcription
  • Neurology Transcription
  • Orthopedics Transcription
  • Pediatrics Transcription
  • Family Practice Transcription
  • Podiatry Transcription

Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services website, is user-friendly and well designed to allow the clients, easy and informative surfing. They offer obligation free quotations on sending queries through an online form on their website.

The company has been offering medical transcription services since a decade, and has garnered a vast loyal client base across the medicine and health care sector. With such high quality services, deft handling of projects and a quick turnaround time, Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services manages to maintain business continuity with all its clients.

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Posted by Champak Pol – Project Manager at Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services

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